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 Wish list as of 11/18/2023
Editing Perpetually in progress, Forgive weird Formatting things


  • Reading Day (Whole day dedicated to books, and working through my to-read stack)
  • Gaming or Nerdy Conventions (Gencon, Blizzcon, E3, PAX, etc.)
  • Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida (Harry Potter World, Animal Kingdom)
  • Hiking and Camping - State parks etc.
  • Playing with or swimming with various sea Creatures (Dolphins, Turtles)
  • Book signing or talk by some of my favorite authors (See below for ideas)
  • Community volunteering / poverty alleviation: Homeless shelters, FMSC, Pet Shelters etc.
  • Swimming in lake Michigan/walking along the beach (preferably in warmer weather)
  • Six Flags Great America/ Theme and amusement parks (Roller Coasters)
  • Seeing My turtle, or the Pangolins at Brookfield Zoo (Hamill Family Play zoo, By the name of Too-chey)
  • Cubs Baseball games @ Wrigley Field
  • Frisbee Golf Outings
  • Battlebots Taping Sessions (In Vegas, Dates TBA)


Beats by Zerg T-shirt

AOT Mikasa Shirt

Scout Regiment Hoodie

Tali'Zorah Graphic Tee – Official Bioware Gear Store

Pretty much anything from this Turtle Amazon Store Or This one or maybe this one


Mass Effect Team Throw Blanket – Official Bioware Gear Store

Avatar the Way of Water(Movie), Art Book Visual Dictionary

Appa Pillow Pet

Wow Card Decks, Here, Here, and Here

Mini Mandalorian Lego Set

GStar Valkyrie - Innova Factory Store (

Star Eagle - Innova Factory Store (


I have a Spotify Premium account so I listen to what I want most of the time, these are more in the realm of physical media I would appreciate

Internet artists

Lindsey Stirling: Shatter Me, Brave Enough, Artemis, Duality

Peter Hollens:

Taylor Davis:


Crowder, For King and Country, Pentatonix, Sara Bereilles, Lindsey Stirling, Ed Sheeran, Tobymac, MercyMe, Skillet, Anberlin, NEEDTOBREATHE, Daughtry, Imagine Dragons, U2, Coldplay, Owl City, Sidewalk Prophets, Francesca Battistelli


Honestly, I will love just about anything you give me. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Interesting History, and comic books are my current favorites

Jon's Book List has migrated to a separate page

Board Games/Nerd & Fandom Items

Tabletop Board/Card Games

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Catan Starfarers

7 Wonders Duel


Smash Up Expansions (There are maybe a dozen of these, any one will do)

Small World of Warcraft

Doctor Who MTG Deck

Wow Card Decks, Here, Here, and Here


Alita Battle Angel Deluxe Boxed Set

HexBug Battlebots Sets I Like Shatter, Witch Doctor, Sawblaze, Whiplash, and Hypershock

Mass Effect Team Throw Blanket – Official Bioware Gear Store

Computer Mat Wow Themed

Exploring Azeroth Book & Kalimdor Sequel

Brood Lord Replica ( Expensive)

Mini Mandalorian Lego Set

Boba Fett Ship

AOT Figures

Lots of things from THIS Etsy Shop: A turtle Made it to the water, Yrel print Born on the Exodar Elune Adore, Ishnu Alah, or Kronna Ki Cristorr, Lightforged, Exodar, or Void Elf Crest (THIS would be cool too, but 3 left as of 6/21/24)


( I want to own these or need them to complete collections)

The Princess Bride, *Dead Poet's Society, *Big Hero 6,

Tomb Raider(2018), Ready Player One, Ralph Breaks the Internet, A Beautiful day in The Neighborhood, Abominable,

John Wick I, II, III, IV

Avatar the Way of Water(Movie)

Studio Ghibli Films

(I currently own My Neighbor Totoro):

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Grave of the Fireflies, Kiki's Delivery Service, Only Yesterday, Porco Rosso, Whisper of the Heart, *Princess Mononoke*, Spirited Away, Ponyo, Arrietty, From Up on Poppy Hill, The Wind Rises, The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Castle in the Sky

TV Series (DVD sets)

*Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor (Tennant, Seasons 2-4 of the new series) Eleventh Doctor(Smith, Seasons 5, 6, 7 )Twelfth Doctor (Capaldi,Season 8, 9, 10)

Thirteenth Doctor (Season 11)

Person of InterestSeasons 1-5

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Complete Collection of the original Series (3 seasons I believe named Water, Earth, Fire)

The Legend of Korra complete series


Sweatpants or Pajama pants (Anything repping one of my fandoms would be great)

Winter hat, prefer one that can cover my head and my ears comfortably without being too tight, Perhaps this?

Hats- Two lines of thinking, either more curved brim baseball hats like the ones I wear now Like this,, or this OR I am looking for a formal wear hat to wear for nice occasions with a suit/dress clothes like a fedora

Battlebots Team Merch Here's a sample link I like the Teams behind Shatter!, Whiplash, Witch Doctor, and Hypershock

Tali'Zorah Graphic Tee – Official Bioware Gear Store

Scout Regiment Hoodie

Warcraft Hoodie Paladin T-shirt Paladin Hoodie

Zerg T-Shirt

AOT Levi T-shirt AOT Mikasa Shirt


Stuffed Animal/ blankets or pillows: Turtle themes Preferred

Like this: Appa Pillow Pet

Would like a few more keys/bag tags, these are good ones to start. Here here here. There are more in the lego store, so mix and match as you desire

Frisbee golf discs: Good brand is Innova Discs (Looking for the following discs -- Driver: Valkyrie, Wraith | Midrange: TeeBird, Archangel, Eagle) Play it again sports is a good place to start.

Lanyard Materials, including String/cord, hooks, and perhaps a book on various braids/stitches (Rexlace is a good Brand, or something like this)

AMC Gift cards (For treats etc.)

You can't go wrong with Legos, I have a bit of a Star wars collection going, but any fun little set would be good.

If all of the above fails here's a current list of favorite games/shows/things to work with:

World Of Warcraft, StarCraft, Doctor Who, Avatar: Last Airbender, Sword Art Online, Legend of Korra, Turtles, Armadillos, Angels, Dragons, Kittens, Paladins, Harry Potter, Alita Battle Angel, Mr. Rogers, Pangolins, Star Wars, Chicago Cubs, The Mandalorian, Tomb Raider, Frisbee Golf, Mass Effect, Attack on Titan, Avatar (James Cameron)