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Marty's Wish List 2022


Christmas sweatshirt size L

slippers (something similar to this - needs a back, size 9)

warm socks(something like this, don't think he needs 4 pair, though)

warm gloves (something like this, fur/fleece lined, soft, etc)



Gold Rush brownies (link to recipe - this is very similar to Grammy's recipe. But no evap milk. No foil required, just grease the pan. Also, you are just combining everything together and then putting it in the pan)


Beatles calendar (wall size, he just likes the pictures)

Eagles calendar(ditto)

Family pictures

Anything to do with Boyd's (pictures, clothing, etc)


Take him out for a meal (he likes Culver's & Red Lobster)

Take him to a Beatles tribute band concert (American English is the best one)

Take him to see a musical (older ones or Disney are his favorites)