Neal Family Needs

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Here is a up to date list of all things that our family is in need of, plus the current clothing/shoe sizes! bolded items are the items we need the most


  • Clothing: Adult Small/Women's Small(Child size 18)
  • Shoes: Child Size 6/Women's 7
  • Needs: Skirts, Size 34 practice swim suit, Undershirt tank tops, tunic style shirts, school shoes (not gym shoes), sandals/crocks/keen type deck shoes


  • Clothing: size 10-12
  • Shoes: size 4
  • Needs: school shoes, summer shoes, Athletic Pants/shorts, Sweaters


  • Clothing: size 7-8
  • Shoes: size 3
  • Needs: Church Sweaters


  • Clothing: size 3T-4T
  • Shoes: size 8/10 (toddler)
  • Needs: solid color leggings, underwear for potty training