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Here's a list of all the projects for the Neal House, in order of priority.

Project Day #1

  • mold behind bathroom wall (safety concern)
  • Put kitchen cabinet door back on
  • replace screen door on front of the house
  • add shelf in lower kitchen cabinet
  • replace or fix outlets in dining room

Project Day #2

  • clean out porch
  • build art desk (can't be done till porch is cleaned out and butcher block table is moved to porch)

Project Day #3

  • patch the holes in the bathroom wall and door
  • Grout and tiles in shower
  • replace front bathroom medicine cabinet with flat mirror
  • replace front bathroom sink with pedestal sink (need new storage idea for bathroom) or new vanity
  • paint bathroom walls (can't be done till we patch the holes)

Project Day #4

  • fix/add drawers to kitchen where the old drawers used to be
  • fix kitchen counter tops/replace counter tops
  • repaint/touch up paint on kitchen walls and cabinets (should be done before we replace the floor the kitchen)

Project Day #5

  • replace flooring in kitchen
  • remove fireplace and rocks
  • replace flooring in family room (can't be done till we take out fireplace and rocks)
  • T-strip between kitchen and dining room (can't be done till flooring in kitchen is replaced)
  • T-strip between back bathroom and back bedroom

Project Day #6

  • replace or clean screen door on back of house
  • new knobs on pantry doors
  • electric work in dining room and back bedroom
  • light fixtures in dining room and back bedroom