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No bio. Just a thing.

Part of you buying a gift for me is that I give you a general sense of what I want, and anything I don't specify you are welcome to interpret. So unless it's absolutely critical then please don't come to me with questions about locations, kinds, accessories, colors, other specifics, usw.

Volunteer your family time to someplace that will help people who need help with the basics.

And don't look for accolades or recognition.

Just go and do and come home knowing that you helped someone who really needed it.

The idea here has to do with your time. If you already donate physical items or money then that's great. Please keep doing that.

My request is about donating your time and skills to people who need them.

  • Food kitchens
  • Food banks/distributors
  • Homeless shelters
  • One of those service organizations that drives around trucks or vans to distribute toiletries and clothes and things to people
  • Tutoring, law, repair, tax, etc. help
  • and other similar organizations

Physical Items. If you *really* have to buy me a physical something. These are useful. Please do the volunteer thing too.

A major part of gifting to me is doing the mental work of looking at reviews and costs and choosing a good quality item that is relatively (compared to others of its kind) inexpensive. Please DON'T come to me asking which model of oven or what brand of modular metal shelving. A lot of the things below are large items, and I'd be much happier to get one of those than to get 6 or 10 items that are 30$ apiece. Organizing that many people to make the purchase is part of your gift to me.

  • Stainless Steel cat water fountain
  • Modular, easy-assemble, metal shelving for my large/heavy tools in my basement
  • Freestanding dehumidifier
  • New electric high-efficiency two-stage house furnace
  • New electric house (central) A/C system
  • Induction cooktop (and some cookware that works with it)
  • Electric oven
  • 1/2 or 3/4 HP garbage disposal (more power is preferable if the price difference isn't too much)
  • New roof and proper installation with venting and insulation
  • Metal utility sink (If you are willing to help me install, then that's great)
  • Pegs (for the pegboard Fritz gave me) and drawers for organizing my hand tools.
  • Electrical services for my house.
    • Lights in the basement
    • Fixing dead electrical outlet(s)
  • Plumbing Services for my house
    • Moving the air admittance valve
    • Securing the water supply lines and drain pipe to the floor under my sink and dishwasher
    • adding in a proper trap for the washing machine in the basement
    • extending the horizontal basement collection pipe so that I can move the washing machine to the other side of the dryer
  • A new dishwasher
    • Stainless steel inside
    • Third rack
    • Quiet
    • <= 33 1/2 inches tall
    • High efficiency
  • Masonry services for my house (talk to Becky for details)
  • Glass block and installation for my basement and garage
  • Mechanical pencils
    • .5 mm
    • No plastic parts at all
  • Water Flosser

At the very end, if none of the above works then get Becky something off her list.